NFL Super Bowl Champian

Mr. Harrell (SCHCS) was an outstanding asset in many different aspects of our organization and performed tasks that were crucial to the successful operation of our efforts in the US Virgin Islands territory… he is not only hardworking but also self-motivated and a gentleman.  (www.RolandWilliams.com )

Educator / Memtor

Mr. Harrell is a highly qualified business executive in the management of specially designed educational programs for students. Mr. Harrell has collaborated with technology specialists in an effort to design and implement effective learning resources.

V.P. Commercial Cleaning

I have observed Sam’s level of commitment, integrity, and tenacity as he has dealt with varying issues with seemingly unshaken resolve. In business, he demonstrated a strong business development, management, and marketing capability that enabled him to transform a small investment into millions within just a few years.  

Roland Williams

Dr. Carole Ricotta

Titus Gardner

A Talented Team​​​​​​​

Diverse, Committed, Reliable, Trustworthy, Smart and Cerebral

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"I needed a person I could trust foremost to help me set up and maintain my business sites and programs. Sam has been around the complex IT industry from his early Navy days and is a real worker. When I need it done, it gets done. No excuses! My TBRX can be a complicated machine but I selected Sam because of his tenacity and dedication to getting the job done! With his hands on knowledge and the Builder all Technology there isn't a lot that he can't do. Tell I sent you he'll be glad you did. Sam offers the big three I look for. Reliability - Dedication - Attitude. "​​​​​​​

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Samuel was one of those early-starters in the DOTCOM world and now the creator and principal of FacilityAXS.net. He launched FlxNet.com, an e-commerce solution offering janitorial supply access to customers of local suppliers through an online catalog that showcased the products of wholesale distributors and product manufacturers. Sam has a continuing focus on the Building Maintenance Service (BMS) Industry and is still involved with Internet-based technologies. I find him to be a pioneer in his field. 

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Samuel C is a true innovator. He has a profound understanding of what “getting the job done” means. His entrepreneurial prowess is bar-none.”

Donna Thompson PhD​​​​​​​

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Sam is a rare visionary leader who sees the big picture of problems and who also attends to the details of any potential solutions. His integrity, humanity, work ethic, and positive energy is empowering and inspirational. Perhaps most importantly, he has the ability to make decisive decisions while maintaining courage in his convictions.”​​​​​​​

Mark Dalessandro​​​​​​​

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Making use of its online business directory platform, FacilityAXS.net, S. C.Harrell Consulting Services created a multi-management sub-directory that enables us to deploy a new travel/tourism website in Hawaii.  Defined as an Enterprise Partnership, this website enables us with an unlimited number of local businesses in Hawaii that places their goods and services in front of travelers worldwide, without excessive costs to the businesses or travelers. 

Joe Wilson, HonuaTree

I endorse Sam on any job that requires the creativity and skill set to launch events similar to the Rincon “Rally Days” in other communities.  Sam and Roland Williams … served a noble purpose by mentoring young children.  Sam is bright, extremely creative and has a passion for mentoring children to a higher calling”​​​​​​​

Jim McInnis, Rincon Country MHP