SCHCS Can Help You Place Your Thoughts in Print to Be Read By Others.



SCHCS specializes in helping its clients present their thoughts to readers via the written word.

SCHCS offers writing services on a broad range of subjects, from the very basic to the most comprehensive. In each of these case, we recognize that creativity supported by the correct grammar is some of the most important features of your presentation.  We use to help us assure this outcome.   Listed below are just some of the writing services we have provided over the years. 

TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES – Now available at $0.75 per minute, with a 12-hour turnaround and 99% accuracy.


SCHCS Subscribes to Grammarly, which helps us ensure that the words written by us are both accurate and grammatically correct.

According to Editorial Freelance Association (EFA), regardless of whether a project is a flat rate or hourly they tend to fall within the ranges indicated in its Rates Table.